Learn your sewing machine

Juki MO-50E Serger With Bonus Combo Accessories!Purchasing your first sewing machine can be a little overwhelming, especially since there are so many brands to choose from.

I personally have used Singer, but have heard that the Brother brand and the Janome brand are good brands as well.

Before purchasing a sewing machine, determine what you’d like to do with it, are you wanting to quilt with it later on? Or are you going to be just doing curtains, clothing, simple stuff. They have machines specifically for quilting.

Once you have determined which machine you want and have purchased it, the next step would be to familiarize yourself with the machine.

First there’s the power switch, then there’s the foot pedal, locate where they are and where you need to plug in the pedal to the machine. Reading the manual that comes with the machine can be very helpful, but some manuals can be vague, but they will give the locations of the key parts of the machine.

The first thing to do after plugging in the pedal and turning on the machine, is to figure out how to thread the machine. Each machine has a different threading system. You need to find the bobbin and wind your thread on it, the manual will tell you how. Then, thread the needle.

The next thing to do is test all the different stitches, tension, width, design, etc. The zig-zag stitch is great for finishing edges that might fray, especially if you don’t have a serger. There’s the straight stitch, straight stretch stitch and a lot of other stitches. There are lots of articles on the internet that can tell what each stitch is good for, the manual will sometimes have info for that as well.

The final thing to do is to start experimenting, try not to feel intimidated by the machine. You’ll find that it will take less time to finish your projects and then your project list will seem to grow as you learn how to use your machine more and more. Have fun and enjoy your first machine!!!


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