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Custom Bag Patterns is a directory of free bag patterns and patterns to buy, listed by category so that visitors can find the pattern their looking for and not have to sift through tons of links.

Whether the bag is for going to a wedding, going to the pool, going to the beach, shopping at the mall, going to a formal or casual party or just everyday running around.

We hope to be adding more of our own patterns, both free and for sale. CBP’s free patterns will be under the CBP’s Pattern Directory. A separate purchase¬†directory will be added for the CBP Patterns that you want to buy later on.

Custom Bag Patterns does not claim to own any of the patterns listed under the Pattern Directory, those are links to external sites. We are simply providing a directory of them.

Custom Bag Patterns also includes the history of different things that we use to make not only bags, but clothing as well. I.e. what did the first needle look like? What was it made from? What about the sewing machine?

Anything to do with sewing is of an interest to CBP. We strive to keep links and info up to date.


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