History of Handbags

What is the history of handbags?

The first documented use of the handbag was from the 14th century, were the Egyptian hieroglyphics depict the men as carrying little pouches around the waist. These handbags, called “pockets”, were hung by thongs at the back of a girdle, and were mainly used to carry flint or money. These handbags became a symbol of status and prestige, if you could afford these handbags, you could afford a servant to carry your things. Handbags literally disappeared from the market for several decades, when it became fashionable for women to wear their handbags under their skirts. Men also abandoned the use of handbags or pouches, when built-in pockets were added to pants.

“Handbags” was a term that only emerged in the 1900’s, and described the luggage that the men would carry. But, not to be outdone, similar versions were made as women’s handbags, to suit the feminine sensibility and everyday needs.
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